napa foursquare church





Church Phone:  707.226.5473

the people who follow Christ are “The Church”  our little group of people following Him are identified as “Foursquare” believing everything in the Bible about Christ and as an officially “gathered” group by that name, or denomination  particularly emphasize four things about Christ: that He is the Saviour, the Healer, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and that He is the soon returning King!

Saviour, Healer, Baptizer, King!

Our pastor has even taken the opportunity to put those symbols on his own arm in the form of a tattoo so that he doesn’t forget them!

.......we meet at a building located at 1906 Wise Drive, in the 94558 Zip code area!...get down!

_________________________________________________God loves you, & sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sins, so that you may be His personal adopted child!.......accept His forgiveness today if you’ve not yet.


typical sunday morning schedule 

9:30 to 10   prayer for heart preparation and intercession for morning service

10 to 10:30   coffee/fellowship & teacher classroom prep.....COME HAVE SOME COFFEE!

10:30-10:45   worship team & congregation starts together ... from this point of the morning, the only ones who should be in the back of the building are the nursery workers and children in their care......all others should be gathered inside for worship together! ......children will be dismissed to their own classes after early songs & offering at the beginning of the group service

10:45   service continues with worship & teaching time and concludes at 11:45 for parents to get their children from classrooms in back of building


recent youth work trip to Cambodia pics              “THE CALL 07 07 07 NASHVILLE”


The first Sunday of July completes 29 years of ministry, and the beginning of year 30 by John and Ruth as pastors of the Napa Foursquare Church.  They started the first Sunday in July of 1979, when they were just pups.  The old hounds also celebrated 42 years of marriage in March of this year! Yahoo! 

Ruth serves at Annual Picnic